Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy treatments.


Here you will find a list of my hypnotherapy treatments. Of course there are many applications of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, so if you don’t see your specific problem listed here, just give me a call and we can have a chat about what you wish to change in your life.


Panic attacks


A panic attack is a sudden onset of extremely high levels of apprehension and fear, typically accompanied by palpitations, a racing heart, cold sweat and a range of other symptoms. Panic attacks can last for anything between 10 seconds and 10 hours, although most sufferers experience them for approximately 10 to 30 minutes. They are traumatic and debilitating for the sufferer, who is usually unable to continue with his or her activities, and it is usually impossible to hide the symptoms. In some cases, panic attacks occur in cyclical patterns of relatively short frequency, which means that the sufferer might experience a short panic attack every half hour or so for many hours. Although a number of therapies have been introduced to deal with panic attacks, these are by no means universally effective (due in part to the fact that panic attacks are often very different from person to person). Often the root of the fear is unknown and sometimes the fear or panic is driven by catastrophizing about things that haven’t happened yet, the expectation of fear. Using Hypnotherapy and other psychotherapeutic techniques we can explore the reason for the fear and work together to stop the attacks from happening again. Our therapist, Chris, has recently completed writing a research paper on panic attacks and the co-relation to agoraphobia. More on panic attacks.

There are many conditions of the mind and body that hypnotherapy and psychotherapy can help with, listed below are some common areas. • Social phobias • Claustrophobia • Agoraphobia • Fear of Flying, Dentists, Needles • Public speaking • Fear of heights • Teeth grinding • Nail biting • Habit control • Skin complaints • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Sleep problems


 Similar to stress, in that a little bit on anxiety is ok and perfectly natural, however, it is when we worry excessively about ourselves, situations or others that it becomes a problem in our lives. Anxiety can take many forms from social phobias, panic disorder, obsessive and compulsive thoughts and actions. Different forms of anxiety can range in intensity and whereas some forms can be debilitating there are other forms of general and short-lived anxiety such as exam nerves or preparing for a driving test. Hypnosis can help you overcome your anxiety by teaching you how to relax and become calmer by reprogramming the way you think and gain back control of your life. There are many types of anxiety and listed below are some of the most common forms: Panic Disorder Agoraphobia Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) Specific Phobia Social Anxiety Obsessive-Compulsive disorder (OCD) Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Here is a little more info on Anxiety and anxiety disorders.

Here is my information page on Anxeity.


There are more and more people looking for a treatment to their depression. It is important to know that your depression need not define who you are as a person. You may feel trapped and controlled by this affliction, however there are tools you can use both in and out of my sessions to help you get back on track. Depression is an increasing and debilitating condition throughout the world today. Major depression is the number one psychological affliction in the western world. Depression has grown at a rate of ten times since 1945. Depression can affect men and women as well as an increasing number of young adults (the onset of major depression first manifests itself in individuals between the ages 25 – 29). And the sad fact is that Doctors are all too eager to simply prescribe medication to control the uptake of serotonin, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland, which affects our mood. And while these tablets do serve a purpose they aren’t really getting to the route of the problem. Often, individuals are left to struggle with medication alone, as waiting lists for treatment within the NHS grow, with some individuals waiting over a year to be seen. With the integration of CBT and hypnotherapy techniques we can help you to help yourself overcome this terrible condition so that when the moment is right and with your GP’s consent, you can stop taking the medication and take back control of your life. It goes without saying that we would work with your GP to have this condition diagnosed before treatment could be assessed. If you are looking for a treatment for depression then drop me a line or call me on 0800 849 94 94 You can find out more information on anxiety in my specialist depression website: Treatment for Depression in Warrington

Phobias and Fears

Suffering from a fear or phobia can be extremely limiting and disruptive to an individual’s way of life. Some people cannot bring themselves to mention the very thing they are afraid of nor even look at a picture of it. The result of this fear is avoidance of places where the person feels they may be exposed to the fear, whether it’s rational or not. Here is a more in-depth look at specific phobia. Common fears and phobias include

Fear of Spiders

Fear of Dogs

Fear of Flying

Fear of Crowds

Claustrophobia (fear of feeling trapped)

Being sick or seeing other people vomit (emetophobia)

Fear of Public speaking

Fear of Escalators

Fear of Elevators (lifts)

Fear of Heights

Fear of Dentists

Fear of Needles

Fear of driving


Fears and phobias can be learned behaviour; from a parent for example, and some individuals may not even be aware of the origin of the fear. Using an integrative approach of hypnosis, NLP* and EFT** techniques we can help you conquer your fears and break free from the restrictive thoughts.

Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying Hypnosis Fear of flying Do you suffer from heightened anxiety, fear or even panic when faced with the very thought of flying? This is a very common type of phobia, but it extends beyond just a specific phobia as there can be many different facets to the main problem. It may manifest as a fear of flying, however, there could be other phobic responses that contribute such as a fear of crowds, a fear of losing control or a fear of confined spaces. Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy can help deal with the problem from a number of angles to help you lose the dread of flying and regain the confidence to get back on that plane. Please read this for additional information on Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy


How can hypnotherapy and psychotherapy help with agoraphobia? Well, each case is very personal and unique; the symptoms may be the same, however, the set of circumstances leading to the agoraphobia are very individualised. Using a mix of CBT, hypnosis and NLP, the sufferer can be helped to understand the condition and pinpoint it’s origin. The client and therapist work very closely together to uncover and eliminate the causes and triggers of the agoraphobia and teaches the client new ways of functioning. Agoraphobia is a fear of losing control in an environment in which the sufferer either believes that he or she has no control, or with which he or she is unfamiliar, and should not be confused with the condition of a similar name, agraphobia. Agoraphobia extends to a variety of circumstances where the individual actually perceives a loss of control. In some regards, social phobia can also play its role in agoraphobia, since the individual fears the embarrassment of being judged by others, so the mere thought of losing control in front of other people is enough to illicit avoidance strategies in the subject. In certain cases, the fear is more generalised and can apply to range of unfamiliar locations even if there is no apparent link between such locations. However, in other cases the fear is more unambiguous and possibly linked, for example, to an upsetting or humiliating event that took place in a particular location. Ultimately, agoraphobia is caused by the irrational fear of places, or of going outside of the individuals’ comfort zone (their home for example), and the APA recognise three distinct phases of the condition (APA, 2000): • A fear of going outside the region in which an individual lives, e.g. a city or a country. • A fear of going outside the neighbourhood in which an individual lives within a city. • A fear of going outside the home, or outside the boundaries of the home, e.g. beyond the garden. In some ways, it could be said that there is a degree of separation anxiety, or at least an extension of it as the affected individual applies the same amount of anxiety to buildings and environments rather than people; in cases like this there is normally a degree of separation anxiety running concurrently regarding a specific person as well. Another common disorder that has an association with agoraphobia is thanatophobia, the fear of death, in which the individual thinks there is a likely chance or even an inevitability of death should they leave the safety of their familiar environment. Certainly, it is possible for this to be seen as a specific form of panic disorder in which the emphasis of the panic is on a particular factor, in this case a location, and attempts to control the panic by restricting the individual to that element. This may also be true of separation anxiety and other similar conditions. Call evolution hypnotherapy or send us an email and ask to speak to our therapist, Chris Clarkson. You can arrange a convenient time for a chat and discuss your needs and any concerns.

IVF Hypnotherapy

If you are entering into IVF treatment, it can be a very stressful time. A wonderful companion to IVF is hypnotherapy. It helps you prepare for the process in a much more calm and optimistic way, removing the stress and anxiety linked to trying to conceive. Please take time to read my article on IVF Hypnotherapy here.

Confidence / Self esteem

Having low self-esteem means you have a low appraisal or evaluation of your self worth, and when you feel this way your confidence may suffer in such a way that you feel that you are trapped by the negative thoughts that flow through your mind. Perhaps you were told that you would never amount to much by a parent or teacher. You may hate the way you see yourself in the mirror. You may feel like you are getting left behind in work because you think people don’t like you. It is how you view yourself that is projected to the outside world. Think negative and you may come across as negative, think unlucky and you may find that you always have bad luck. According to Freud, we all enter this world as a clean slate or blank canvas and everything from the moment of birth is all learned behaviour. And if it can be learned, then it can be unlearned! With the help of Hypno-Psychotherapy you can learn how to control your emotions and become a more relaxed and calmer individual and with that your self-esteem and confidence will grow stronger. Think about how a greater sense of self worth and confidence would change your life, you are only limited by your self beliefs and it is these beliefs that we can work together to alter. Please Find out more here.

Stop Smoking

Quit smoking for goodDo you feel that you need to quit for the good of your health and those close to you? Not to mention the money you would save. Do you often think about how your skin and teeth are being prematurely aged? And how the toxic smoke has compromised your sense of smell and taste! Then Quit smoking hypnotherapy could be for you! Nicotine is a fiendish substance, add this together with the habitual nature and ritual of smoking and you can start to see how some people struggle to kick the habit. Our smoking cessation sessions are designed on an individual basis, helping us to understand you as a unique being and tackling the addiction and habit together. Our therapist holds a “smoking cessation specialist” award and is here to help when you are ready. If you truly want to change your smoking habit then hypnotherapy for smoking cessation is for you. You can find some more information here about Quit smoking hypnotherapy.

Weight management

weight loss hypnosis

Weight loss hypnosis

At Evolution Hypnotherapy we avoid using the word “Diet”. And the reason for this is probably obvious to those of you who have struggled with diets in the past. You either deprive yourself of certain food types thus increasing a yearning for them, or you starve yourself and eat under the required amount of calories, which then becomes a struggle. Here we use weight loss hypnotherapy to re educate the way you think about food and then gently reduce the amount you eat. We all put off starting a diet because of the anticipation of an emotional up hill struggle. So for this reason we opt to make losing and managing weight less daunting and far more easy and natural. Because you want this to be for the long term! If you are serious about losing weight. we can work together on a tailored plan that suits you, using hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to manage your weight has been proven to be effective to help you acheive your goal. Please read more on weight loss hypnotherapy here.

Stress management

stress management Stress is an almost accepted affliction to many people working or merely living in today’s busy environment. And while it is accepted that a little bit of stress is fine for us; it is when we are exposed to too much stress over a long period of time that it becomes a problem and can pose troublesome for your mental and physical well being. Our bodies go through the ‘Fight or flight” response when we become stressed or anxious. Quite simply it is our bodies’ way of preparing for a dangerous scenario where we would either have to fight something or flee from it. Our therapist can teach you self-hypnosis to help you be more calm and relaxed. When we are calm and relaxed we cannot feel stress or anxiety and in this relaxed frame of mind our choices and decisions become clearer.

Sleep problems

If you are having a problem sleeping, often referred to as insomnia, you will know exactly how it affects both your body and mind. Sleep is a wonderful time for our minds and bodies and not getting quality of rest can actually be dangerous, especially if you operate machinery or drive a vehicle. In today’s hectic, busy and stressed environent it is all too easy to become consumed with thoughts that can interrupt our sleeping patterns. Perhaps its worry about work, finances or family, or possibly the cause for the sleep disruption is unknown? There are other causes of sleep problems such as the intake of alcohol or drugs (including medications), pain and discomfort, terror dreams and nightmares and sometimes we formulate a pattern of habit, training our minds to wake at a particular time at night, then get out of bed, go downstairs, make a drink, read a book or put on the telly… The subconscious mind is rather like a computer operating system in that, it is easy to program, but not always in an effective manner that helps you. However, given the right tools, we can reprogram it to be more useful for us. The thing about the subconscious is that it doesn’t know right from wrong and it isn’t rational. It thinks that it’s doing you a favour by not letting you fall asleep, stay asleep or get up on time. Because it’s been programmed this way, it thinks that this is what you need, no matter how irrational it may be to you, the subconscious knows no better. If there is no medical issue for your sleep disruption then hypnosis has been proved to be very effective at helping with such issues. If you want to be free from insomnia and sleep problems then pick up the phone, give us a call and we can arrange a consultation. Take the first step to freedom!


Motivation Can’t find the motivation to carry out or achieve something that you wish to do. Do you find that you seem to lack get up and go and drive? At Evolution Hypnotherapy I can help you get back on track, you will be able to recognise and remove any obstacles that stand in your way. I can use hypnosis and NLP to give you back the motivation you need to succeed. Sometimes it is far too easy to push things to the back burner and procrastinate. And perhaps it is because you have lost sight of the goal or maybe your day is too full of intrusions to focus on what you choose to do. Hypnosis can help you re tune your focus and utilising powerful NLP techniques you will find that you start to feel more energized, confident and motivated to complete the task at hand.

Sports performance

Whether you play golf, tennis, football or any other sport that requires enhanced performance, hypnotherapy can help you achieve greater motivation, greater focus and concentration. It can reduce any anxiety or nervousness relating to your sport making you far calmer and with this comes greater confidence within yourself. Imagine taking that long golf putt and sinking it in one with the confidence of a seasoned pro. Or perhaps using hypnosis to give you the mental edge over your opponents in the starting blocks just before the starting pistol fires… total focus like a laser, blanking out anything negative and concentrating on the finishing line and leaving the blocks on the “B” of the bang! Hypnosis can be used in almost any sporting scenario to help you achieve your goals.


Blushing hypnosis

Facial Flushing or blushing

From time to time we all blush when we feel a little embarrassed or perhaps feel a little self conscious. But for some, it is a condition that they would rather be rid of. It’s very similar to the Fight or Flight response in that it is caused by the release of the hormone adrenaline. It isn’t quite the same as a panic attack where the sufferer may experience debilitating symptoms however, it can cause the individual suffering with blushing to feel very self conscious as the capillaries widen and the heat and redness is seen and felt in the face, neck or chest. This widening of the blood vessels is attributed to the body readying itself for battleor for escape. However, whilst this is still a reasonable response to have if ever you face immediate danger, it doesn’t really help us when we are talking to other people or in a situation were we may face embarrassment. There are relatively few theories on the origin of such a reaction. One particular theory is that as we evolved as humans we began to adhere to various social codes and etiquette and if we overstepped this social boundary then we would blush, as a tell tale sign that we are paying punishment for this breach in etiquette. This is all well and good, but it serves as no comfort to those suffering badly by blushing, or flushing. Hypnotherapy can uncover the reasons behind an individuals response to such emotions and may even pinpoint the exact time when the blushing started. This can then be dealt with at source. But there are also some great tools we can use. If you are fed up with blushing and would like to rid yourself from this condition, then don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We will be only too pleased to help.

Exam nerves

For a lot of us, school is all in the past. However there are still many adults who seek further education at colleges or universities. You don’t have to be a teenager to suffer from severe exam nerves, it can happen to any one and at any age. For a majority of us, these nerves manifest as performance anxiety. Effectively, this is the way the body prepares itself to give the best possible performance, thus enhancing our abilities to do so. This all sound a bit odd, but if you think of it like this, even the best actors in the world will get nervous before the curtain rises for a theatre performance, this is normally because there are no second takes, it has to be right the first time and every time, but once they are into the performance the nerves disappear. There are highly regarded artists in the music industry that will have the jitters before singing live. So, this kind of anxiety is manageable and is short lived. However for some, exam nerves are so strong an emotion, that it can cause the individual so much distress that it limits the way they function. I have helped students who were so stricken with anxiety that they would pass out before an exam, or will feel sick, or even be sick as a result of their exam nerves. This is where hypnosis and other therapeutic skills can be utilised to help the individual cope with the situation better, feel more relaxed, calm and confident. Quite often our thoughts surrounding the exam are so distorted that it merely serves to fuel this condition. I work with you to uncover these thoughts, work with them both in and out of hypnosis and then restructure and re pattern the way you think and behave. So if you feel that you could benefit from some ‘Exam nerves hypnotherapy’ then just drop me a line or call freephone on 0800 849 94 94. I look forward to working with you.


If there is no pathological reasons for your headaches (you should always consult with your GP to have the source of the headache diagnosed) then Hypnosis may help target the reason for the headaches, by using powerful suggestions of calmness and relaxation you can learn how to put your mind and body into a comfortable state and release any stress from the muscles that contribute to your tension. Our therapist will also teach you self hypnosis so you can use the techniques on your own wherever you are; so long as you are not driving or operating machinery where your full alertness is required.