How to get the depressed mind motivated!

    When we feel depressed, we feel deflated and de-energised and so it is natural to feel very demotivated, it can be a real challenge. Not only does depression affect the mind it also affects the body, leaving the sufferer feeling exhausted. You know there are things needed to be done, but somehow the will to carry them through doesn’t exist and even the small tasks seem to be too much to take on. To some, even getting out of bed, getting showered and dressed can all seem very challenging. People who suffer from depression often avoid the activities that they used to enjoy...

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Quit Smoking can reduce your anxiety!

It has been found that quitting smoking actually helps reduce your anxiety, this is especially true for those people who use cigarettes to cope with situations in their everyday lives. This new research has come from Oxford and Cambridge Universities and from Kings college London. Smoking doesn’t relieve stress and anxiety, this is more psychosomatic and lives in the brain of the smoker as a belief. However, smoking is more of an ‘anxiogenic’, which means it causes anxiety! If your a smoker it is important that you know this so that the old belief can be changed, which may...

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Blue Monday 21st January 2013

What is Blue Monday? The 21st of January is considered to be the most depressing day of the year! I am unsure as to how this came about or indeed, who decided it was the worst day of the year but there is a really decent campaign behind this date run by the MHRUK (Mental health research UK). This charitable organisation aims to raise funds for help in researching mental health issues and raising public awareness to them. At this time of year depression can be worse due to the lack of natural light. Everywhere is dark, gloomy and rainy. It is also a good time to raise awareness of Seasonal...

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