Fear of driving

fear of driving warrington

Fear of driving


Do you suffer from an irrational fear of driving?

Do you suffer high anxiety just thinking of taking a trip?

Do you feel panic even as a passenger?


It may surprise you to know that this is quite a common complaint and that you certainly are not alone in feeling these negative feelings towards driving.

By using psychotherapy and hypnotherapy you can soon overcome this fear and get behind the wheel again without all of those horrible feelings. Working together, we begin to piece the jigsaw back together as to why this fear or phobia developed. There may be many factors involved that lead to this fear of driving, an incident such as a traffic accident, or witnessing one perhaps. Or perhaps it just built up over time, and as your anxiety built up too, it became more and more difficult to get behind the wheel.

You may fear turning right, or roundabouts, driving in heavy traffic, motorways or junctions on motorways, or perhaps the weather such as rain?

Some people may have a fear of hitting a pedestrian and can cause such concern that at some point they may even believe that they have.

What happens in these incidences, is that our thinking gets the better of us and we rapidly start to think in only one direction, a negative one. we start to ask ourselves “what if..”, we see only a negative outcome associated with driving without looking at the counter evidence that may make us feel a little better.

Using hypnosis, we can start to instil confidence and focus. You can begin to get back the motivation to drive and reduce your overall anxiety. We may even uncover the main reason for the fear.

Using Psychotherapy we can gently start to challenge your thought processes and turn them around into more positive and helpful thoughts, to help you understand that there is always another way to look at a problem. As an example, many people believe that they will be involved in an accident if they drive and some may believe that it will be their fault. This irrational belief has to be challenged, they may ask themselves “in all the hours of driving that i have carried out, how many times has it resulted in an incident?”

Most people I see for fear of driving phobia actually understand that they are a good driver and a safe driver and that feeling the anxiety makes them more alert, however, they have a problem in challenging their negative beliefs. Once we start to process these beliefs, you can start to become more aware of the reality of the situation.

It is the ‘P&P’ of the situation. What is the possibility of this occurring? What is the probability of this occurring?

Anything is possible when you look at it, it is possible to be hit by lightning, it is possible to win the national Lotto! however, the probability is extremely low, almost inconsequential in fact.

If you feel that now is the time to overcome your fear of driving, simply give me a call on 0800 849 94 94 or 01925 354 820 for a free 15 minute chat, and begin the process of beating this phobia for good!




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