Annoying people! How to deal with them.

Annoying people! How can we deal with them better?         Annoying people…! We’ve all dealt with difficult and annoying people from time to time, but what makes that person ‘difficult’ or annoying? Perhaps someone who won’t shut up? An obtuse boss who only ever seems to put you down, or maybe someone who only ever seems to take, take, take, or won’t listen? Challenging personalities can be everywhere, we seem to deal with them on a regular basis and sometimes they can grind us down. Have a little think right now about who may be difficult in your life,...

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Things that make depression worse.

Things that can make depression worse?         You can find so much information out there on how to improve your depressive symptoms, however, why don’t we look at the sorts of things that can actually make the depression worse?   If you live with depression, you need to be aware of potential triggers so that you can learn to avoid the things that worsen the symptoms. These may or may not be known to you.   1. Stressful situations If we have too much stress we have an increase in the hormone called cortisol, this is the chemical that keeps us on edge and alert....

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