Panic attacks


A panic attack is a sudden onset of extremely high levels of apprehension and fear, typically accompanied by palpitations, a racing heart, cold sweat and a range of other symptoms. Panic attacks can last for anything between 10 seconds and 10 hours, although most sufferers experience them for approximately 10 to 30 minutes. They are traumatic and debilitating for the sufferer, who is usually unable to continue with his or her activities, and it is usually impossible to hide the symptoms. In some cases, panic attacks occur in cyclical patterns of relatively short frequency, which means that the sufferer might experience a short panic attack every half hour or so for many hours. Although a number of therapies have been introduced to deal with panic attacks, these are by no means universally effective (due in part to the fact that panic attacks are often very different from person to person).

Often the root of the fear is unknown and sometimes the fear or panic is driven by catastrophizing about things that haven’t happened yet, the expectation of fear.

Using Hypnotherapy and other psychotherapeutic techniques we can explore the reason for the fear and work together to stop the attacks from happening again.

Our therapist, Chris, has recently completed writing a research paper on panic attacks and the co-relation to agoraphobia.

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There are many conditions of the mind and body that hypnotherapy and psychotherapy can help with, listed below are some common areas.


• Social phobias

• Claustrophobia

• Agoraphobia

• Fear of Flying, Dentists, Needles

• Public speaking

• Fear of heights

• Teeth grinding

• Nail biting

• Habit control

• Skin complaints

• Irritable Bowel Syndrome

• Sleep problems




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