What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a common and very natural phenomenon and it happens to most people daily. Have you ever been engrossed in a book, listening to music or even driving in your car and you suddenly realise that you have been somewhere else in your mind? This is because you have been in a light trance. It is a safe and natural state of mind and it is the hypnotherapist’s skill to evoke this wonderful state during the session.

What does it feel like

Most clients report that they felt wonderfully relaxed and calm. Some individuals will feel lightness and others my feel the opposite. Certain people report that they don’t remember much of what had been said during the hypnosis and some report that they felt amazingly sharp and tuned in to every word. Everyone is different and it is the hypnotherapist that guides you through this whole process tailoring the session to the individual.

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

Hypnosis is 100% safe and no, you cannot get stuck in hypnosis. Hypnosis has been used for centuries in some form or another, and over the past 60 years much has been documented about the uses of hypnosis and its safety. There is a phenomenon called the Eisdaile state where the subject becomes so supremely relaxed that they enter a very deep state of hypnosis. This is the state we use for pain control. It is also the level of hypnosis needed for those who wish to have dental work or even operations carried out without anaesthetic.

What is the difference between a Hypnotherapist and a Hypno-Psychotherapist?

A Hypno-Psychotherapist is a practitioner who has undertaken a minimum of 4 years of Masters Degree level training (approx 1800 hours) in hypnosis along with its treatment within psychotherapy, rather than the 400 hours a hypnotherapist would undergo to receive a diploma alone. This means that we can utilise skills in hypnotherapy, but also integrate psychotherapeutic interventions to help you achieve your goals.

What can hypnotherapy help with?

Now that’s a question. We could be at risk of filling the entire page with an answer to that question. However, we should point out that certain clients including the mentally impaired, very young children and individuals whose cognition and brain functions are impaired by certain drugs or alcohol could contraindicate hypnosis. If in doubt, please contact us for more information. Please also see the page on treatments. The most presented problems are listed first: • Smoking Cessation • Weight management • Phobia’s and fears • Stress control • Anxiety control • Depression But we also see clients who want help with: • Sports performance • Focus and concentration • Motivation • Confidence • Self esteem • Panic attacks • Social phobias • Claustrophobia • Agoraphobia • Fear of Flying, Dentists, Needles • Public speaking • Fear of heights • Teeth grinding • Nail biting • Habit control • Skin complaints • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Sleep problems • Addiction problems • Sexual problems • And many, many more. Please drop us a line if your presenting issue is not listed here. Hypnotherapy Warrington Hypnotherapy Cheshire

Will you make me do something daft, like those chaps on the stage or telly?

Absolutely not. That would be highly unethical of us. Although stage hypnotists may use similar ways to evoke trance, professional hypnotherapist’s will never use hypnosis for entertainment purposes. Despite what you may have seen from stage quacks, a hypnotherapist can never make you do something or say something against your moral code. And the reason for this? Because you are in control of the session! Yes, that’s right, it isn’t the hypnotherapist. We are just there to guide you through the whole process and use positive useful language, imagery and psychotherapeutic techniques to help you achieve your goals. If you hear something you don’t like or disagree with, you will reject it and emerge out of trance by your own volition.

What if I can't be hypnotised?

In our experience, everyone is hypnotisable. But this therapy is a two way street and it isn’t magic. You as the client also need to be open to the process with no fear, because there is nothing to fear. As stated elsewhere, hypnosis is very natural and extremely safe because it is something you let yourself enter. Remember, you are in control. We will make sure that you understand the process fully and remove any negative thoughts you may have. The only people that can’t be hypnotised are those who simply don’t want it and put up a resistance to it. But these folk don’t ever appear for sessions because they are happy the way they are.

What about confidentiality?

Quite simply, client confidentiality is absolutely paramount to our business. As an ethical practice we will never divulge any clients’ private information. The only time we would possibly converse with a third party would be with your consent and would include your GP and perhaps a previous therapist. But we can never talk to anyone about what we discuss in the consulting room. In fact we operate a state of the art booking and client record taking software that stores the client’s details separately to the session work. Everything is encrypted so that the two parts of information can never be linked, ensuring that your complete anonymity is first and foremost.

I notice that some websites use testimonials, why don't you?

A few reasons really. As an ethical practice, we are bound by a strict code from our governing body. We cannot and will not breach client confidentiality and using a testimonial is using someone else’s personal information. Using testimonials means that you have to, by law, prove the source of the testimonial to whoever wants to see it. This means divulging personal information and this is unacceptable. Even if they have given their consent to use the information in an anonymous fashion, it still has to be proven. Confidentiality is extremely important to me and for you the client. Also, people are wonderfully unique and individual. What works for one client may not work for the next. The presenting issue may be the same but the circumstances and personalities can differ vastly. That is why each session is completely different for each and every client; it is tailored to your exact needs. I have many, wonderful letters and emails from ex clients, who tell me of their wonderful transformations. These are very personal and private and I like to keep it that way.

What happens if I get upset during the process?

This is absolutely fine and nothing to get worried about or ashamed of. It is natural to feel upset sometimes when you talk about your problems and it can be a very therapeutic way of releasing your emotions. The most important thing to remember is that you are always shown compassion and understanding and without any judgement. At Evolution Hypnotherapy we have seen many clients from all walks of life with many differing problems and we always ensure that your needs are put first at all times.

Can you tell me what happens in a session?

Firstly, you may make contact with us via email or telephone. We are here to help answer all your questions and if you wish to make an appointment, a consultation will be scheduled. For your first visit you will be welcomed into a high tech, modern and comfortable consulting room were you can relax in one of our modern leather recliners. We will talk through exactly what you want to achieve and information is taken that will aid the therapist in deciding the correct approach, the therapist then guides you into hypnosis. In hypnosis we can adopt one or many therapeutic techniques to help you reach your goal. The actual length of the hypnosis differs from person to person. Sometimes it can be twenty minutes, sometimes forty. When the hypnosis has come to a resolution, you will then be brought gently out of the trance and we will have a chat about your experiences during the session. It is here that you should really speak your mind. Relay everything back to the therapist so you can move forward in the right direction. Remember, this is your time and you need to get exactly what you require from the sessions! At the end of the session, any additional sessions can be booked. There is absolutely no pressure on you as the client. You are the most important part of the process and no one should tell you any different.

What are the costs?

Over the phone chats are completely free and you can ask us anything you like. Any ethical hypnotherapist should be only too pleased to give you all the information you need. The consultation at our consulting room is charged at £60 for between 60 minutes and 90 minutes. This will include very detailed communication and some hypnosis work. (We don’t offer free consultations but if after 30 minutes you feel that this is not for you, or that you would prefer to see another therapist, then you won’t be charged! We want you to feel comfortable and in control). Smoking cessation is charged at £90 for the session (90 mins) with a free follow up appointment should you need it (The follow up appointment is valid within three months of your initial session). All other sessions are charged at £60 per session. (Sessions generally last 60-70 minutes. Some sessions may last longer, this is at the therapist’s discretion and we will never conclude a session prematurely). The prices are based on the average rate for hypno-psychotherapy within the North West and reflect the intensive training and knowledge that our consulting rooms offer. Some therapists charge a lot more and some less, we are neither the dearest nor the cheapest. But it is important that you find the correct therapist that is right for you and can help bring a brief resolution to your problems. Remember that this is an investment to help you regain control of your life and to help you achieve your goals. For further information on the prices you can contact us any time at all and we will answer any of your queries.

Do you only operate from the consulting rooms?

No. I tend to see most of my clients at my practice and you are always encouraged to come to see me. However I do make provisions for those who find it difficult to come and see me. So if you are registered disabled or have a physical problem where it may be a problem to get out of the house, I will come to you and offer the same professional service but within the comfort of your own home. Please just give me a call to discuss all your requirements and I will be happy to help.

Sometimes I will see people who suffer from agoraphobia in the comfort of their property. I feel that this is a fair and more comfortable way of starting the process of helping you. Then as part of the process you will visit me. Although this may sound a little worrying at first, my clients soon report back about how proud they felt at attending. Please contact me for more information on this.

Are all Hypnotherapists the same?

To put is simply, ‘No’. Mainly because as therapists, we are all unique and individual, just like our clients. It is so important that you choose a therapist that you feel you can talk to and who you believe will listen to you in a safe and non judgemental environment. Training differs from therapist to therapist and unfortunately there are some hypnotherapist’s that simply sit you back and read something from a book or a script. And while this technique may actually work for some folk, it really isn’t getting to the route of the problem. We are not against reading from paper as long as it is individually written for each client and covers all their needs. For lasting and permanent change to occur, the therapist needs to fully understand you as the client and meet your needs totally. This profession, at present, is unregulated and therefore it is very important for you to be sure of the therapists training and experience. There are too many courses out there that teach hypnosis in a very short period of time. The most important thing to consider is that the therapist could be the most highly trained hypnotist in the land, but this doesn’t necessarily make them the best. The reason for this is simple; if you don’t have a bond with the therapist then the alliance you have between you is never going to be strong and you need a strong bond between the therapist and the client, we can’t emphasise this enough. Make sure you are comfortable with who you choose to work with. Therapy is a two way street and requires equal amounts of work from both you the client, and the therapist. Be conscious of therapists offering a guarantee. Nothing is guaranteed, unless you are buying a new item. Therapy isn’t an item, its a lifestyle change and everyone is different. What works well for one client may not necessarily work for the next. Testimonials are the other thing to be wary of. They are easy to forge, or perhaps get friends to write and it can be difficult to authenticate their origin. The strictest and best accreditation organisations ban the use of testimonials for this reason, but also because it contravenes the confidentiality code of ethics. By law, if someone wants to see the origin of the testimonial, you are committed to show the source and this includes the private details of the client! Even if they have given their permission for the words of the testimonial to be used. We don’t use testimonials for this reason. Your privacy and confidentiality are paramount and we will not break that code. If you are seeking a hypnotherapist in Warrington, Cheshire then drop us a line to find out more.

What hours do you operate?

However, we do understand that some folk lead very busy lives so, if you require a time before or after the scheduled office hours then simply drop us a line. We will try to accommodate you, within reason of course. If you require a session at the weekend but out of the normal operating hours, then the price is £70 for both consultation and session therapy. Here at Evolution Hypnotherapy we understand that a lot of people have to hold down jobs or look after their families, so we always aim to be flexible and professional.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We do not offer a guarantee here at Evolution Hypnotherapy. Everyone is different and reacts differently to the therapy but it does require equal work from both the therapist and the client. We believe that it is highly unethical to offer a guarantee as most of the top hypnotherapy organisations and associations disallow a practitioner to state they offer a guarantee. The only guarantees you can find are those when you purchase new items. It would be odd if a bottle of paracetemol offered a guarantee that it would rid you of your headache, or if a lawyer offered you a guarantee that you would win a particular case. Even in the case of a ‘no win no fee’ promise, this doesn’t guarantee a victory. You should be very wary of any hypnotherapist that offers a guarantee! But what you can be sure of is that we operate an extremely efficient and caring service. Our hypnotherapist in Warrington has to undergo constant continued professional development to make sure he stays up to date with all current trends and research.