Sleep problems

If you are having a problem sleeping, often referred to as insomnia, you will know exactly how it affects both your body and mind.

Sleep is a wonderful time for our minds and bodies and not getting quality of rest can actually be dangerous, especially if you operate machinery or drive a vehicle.

In today’s hectic, busy and stressed environment it is all too easy to become consumed with thoughts that can interrupt our sleeping patterns. Perhaps its worry about work, finances or family, or possibly the cause for the sleep disruption is unknown?

There are other causes of sleep problems such as the intake of alcohol or drugs (including medications), pain and discomfort, terror dreams and nightmares and sometimes we formulate a pattern of habit, training our minds to wake at a particular time at night, then get out of bed, go downstairs, make a drink, read a book or put on the telly…

The subconscious mind is rather like a computer operating system in that, it is easy to program, but not always in an effective manner that helps you. However, given the right tools, we can reprogram it to be more useful for us. The thing about the subconscious is that it doesn’t know right from wrong and it isn’t rational. It thinks that it’s doing you a favour by not letting you fall asleep, stay asleep or get up on time. Because it’s been programmed this way, it thinks that this is what you need, no matter how irrational it may be to you, the subconscious knows no better.

If there is no medical issue for your sleep disruption then hypnosis has been proved to be very effective at helping with such issues.

If you want to be free from insomnia and sleep problems then pick up the phone, give us a call and we can arrange a consultation. Take the first step to freedom!