Is humour the best medicine

Laughter and humour. Is it the best medicine?   I was recently laughing my socks off at a DVD of Lee Evans, the comedian, although it was rather stifled as my wife was in bed. But, it made me feel good, it lifted my spirits and for some time I wore a wide smile. Even the next day, I was still smiling, although it was more internal, it still made me feel a warmth inside. I have seen this particular comic in concert a few times and it made me think about how the humour and our perception of the humour changes from when we are actually at the concert, to when we see it on DVD. To...

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Effect of pornography on kids

The Effect of pornography on kids’ mental health   Online porn is linked to a quarter of mental illnesses among kids, British researchers have claimed. The figure was revealed as Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday signalled his support for a web clampdown on extreme images. According to London’s Portman clinic, a National Health Survey (NHS) outpatient psychotherapy clinic, use of porn features in 26.5 percent of young patients. It has risen from less than one per cent in the late 90s, The Sun reported. A Parliamentary report led by Tory MP Claire Perry has called for a...

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