Sunshine and happiness

Seasonal affective disorder   What causes seasonal affective disorder and what role does the sunshine play in our happiness? The sun is out and suddenly everything seems a little brighter. People rush out to sit in the warmth, dash to the beach, out come the BBQ’s, on go the shorts and sandals (and sometimes black socks! I have never understood why men that do that?), and we burn our skin because having a tan projects healthiness (something which has changed through time, at one point being tanned meant you worked outdoors and that was looked down upon by the upper classes). But...

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My other blogs

I have started some other niche blogs on a website called It is a great place for people to share information with others seeking knowledge. I have begun a weight loss hypnosis blog there, just click on the link below to have a peek.

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Breathing and anxiety

How does breathing affect our anxiety?     I see many clients for anxiety related problems all the time and it still amazes me after all these years, just how a simple breathing exercise helps reduce the symptoms of anxiety. The symptoms I talk of can be anything from butterflies in the tummy to palpitations in the chest. when we become anxious we tend to take shallow breaths but because our breathing is predominantly unconscious (i.e. we are not aware of the breathing as being controlled but more automatic) we don’t become aware of this until our breathing becomes more of a...

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