Gastric band hypnotherapy

Gastric Band hypnotherapy!

Gastric band hypnotherapy in warrington

Offering a powerful 5 session approach to losing weight! The ‘Evolution Gastric Band’ system was created after nearly two years of development and careful study. There are a few variations on gastric band hypnotherapy such as, Trance-band, Lap band and Hypno-band, and all seem to offer similar things. I have developed this program by studying the other systems and then tweaking, adding and re-designing using my own expertise, with the knowledge I have gained over my years of training and then years in practice.

Because I am also a trained Psychotherapist, I am also able to work closely and sensitively with you to address any emotional issues related to food. I could help with those self-defeating thoughts, negative thoughts and feelings which lead to negative behaviours!

Along with the powerful hypnosis I have also recorded sound environments recorded and mixed at the prestigious ‘ITV studios’ in Manchester with no expense spared. This helps your mind really believe you are in a safe private hospital where all the staff are there just for you!

I also incorporate ‘brain wave technology’ using sound waves. I use this for certain clients to help them relax further and to really help the positive suggestions stick!

Where I differ from other systems is that I totally adapt to the most important person in the process, YOU! I use my skills to help alter the habits contained in the conscious mind and influence the subconscious mind to help you with your feelings around food. There is absolutely no point in just using the same language to very different people, so I have to always be on my toes and adapt to you and your needs.

I also incorporate ‘Ego State Therapy’ as part of the program. This itself is a very powerful hypnotic technique that helps identify the part of you that is responsible for over eating. We can then help that part behave differently. Often my clients tell me that this technique really opened their eyes and created a dramatic effect on their behaviour!

Gastric band hypnotherapy is designed to educate your conscious mind about food choices and habits and the hypnosis will help you adjust your behaviour and help you better understand your feelings that are associated with eating too much!

Gradually, using powerful hypnotic techniques, your mind is influenced in such a way that it believes that your stomach has shrunk down in size. Then during the penultimate session, we hypnotically fit the gastric band.

This process has been studied and proven to be extremely safe.


What is a gastric band?

A gastric band (also called a ‘lap band’) is a device that is fitted to the top part of the stomach reducing the size of the area in which the food collects during eating. The size is usually the size of a golf ball. So only a very small amount of food in needed to satiate or fill the stomach.

Gastric band hypnosis

There is also a sensor fitted under the skin so that the band can be adjusted at any point the band can be tightened or loosened.

The medical procedure is carried out as a laparoscopy and two tiny incisions are made so the surgeon can use the small instruments to fit the band.

Recovery time is usually quick with few side effects and the patient has to alter their food habits immediately so they don’t over eat or over fill the much smaller stomach!




What is a hypnotic gastric band?

Of course, we do not actually perform a real operation, and at all times you are safe and secure, my years of training will make sure you are comfortable and my expertise will make sure you are in very good hands. The actual fitting of the gastric band is done in hypnosis. Hypnosis is an extremely safe and natural state of mind where you become so much more suggestible. This means that you are more likely to accept the positive things that I say and the things I ask you to visualise. Because you also want it to work, this heightens the experience and helps to re-inform the unconscious part of your mind that the gastric band has indeed been fitted.

Our unconscious mind is responsible for our feelings and sensations, so if the unconscious mind informs us that we are full because our stomach has reduced in size, then we feel full. When we feel full, we stop eating.

We don’t always stop eating unfortunately, so sometimes its too late and we feel bloated and stuffed full. So an incredibly important part of this process is to re-educate your thinking mind. This is done in and out of hypnosis.


How many sessions are there?

The Evolution Gastric Band course is 5 sessions long. The first session is about 90 minutes and subsequent sessions are between 60 and 70 minutes.

You need to complete the full course from start to finish for it to be effective, stopping treatment early will really reduce the power of the program.

In between sessions you will be given recordings to listen to and work forms to complete. It is extremely important that these are all undertaken, as this may also effect the end result.


How much does Gastric band Hypnotherapy cost?

You will find different approaches and systems out there and I believe (as do my clients) that I offer great value for money. Based on my research and the time it took to produce my system I charge £300 for the full system.

This is for 5 sessions. If more sessions are needed due to emotional eating then we may need to do more work, but this will always be discussed with you.

Payment for the program is made upfront. This can be in full after the first session or half may be paid after the first session followed by the remaining amount on session 3.


Is this program right for me?

This is a really important question. When we sit down for the initial session, or perhaps before hand by talking over the phone, we can discuss all your needs. It may be that you are an emotional eater and we have to deal with those emotions at their cause.

There are cases of a person undergoing ‘real’ gastric band surgery, but actually still gain weight because their emotional needs have not been met or addressed.

It may be that you only want to lose a stone in weight or less and hypnotic behavioural adjustment may be all that you need.

If in doubt, we will always discuss your needs and wishes.


Where am I based?

Hypnotherapy office in WarringtonMy purpose built consulting room is based in Warrington in Cheshire. My room is private and comfortable with two electric leather recliners and it’s own private toilet facility. It is not based within my home and has it’s own private entrance and parking bay.

It is very easy to get to by following signs to Gullivers world.

My office is very close to Gemini retail park in Warrington, where there is a Marks & Spencer’s, Ikea, a big Next and Boots.

There are also places locally to have cup of coffee and a light snack. This is always good to know, especially if someone is dropping you off and then picking you up later on.


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