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Why do people smoke and can we stop smoking using hypnosis?

I help many people to stop smoking in the Warrington area. I have had clients come to me from as far a way as Bolton and Blackpool to help them kick the habit.

Sometimes, will power alone is not enough! So with the help of hypnosis you can stop smoking for good! I have honed down my techniques to fit them within one session of hypnotherapy. But I also use, within the session, NLP and CBT techniques. This wonderful combination together helps my clients quit smoking for good. For me, smoking is all about habit and not so much about addiction. If you were an addict, you wouldn’t last a 6 hour plane journey, you would lapse into cold turkey and get the sweats and shakes. But this never seems to happen. I have worked with very heavy smokers (40 per day), who wouldn’t think twice about going on a long plane trip, and because they know that they are not allowed to smoke for the duration, there is an acceptance. It is this acceptance that I then work with at a deep level.

I believe that the two most common reasons for starting to smoke are introduced to the smoker in their early teens. Normally by way of experimentation, the individual attempts to fit in via psychosocial drives in order to belong. During this period it would have been important for the individual to appear to be grown up or looking slightly tougher and perhaps following their friends in this new trend, after all we all conformed to trends growing up, fashion, music tastes for example. Philip Morris, the tobacco mogul behind such brands as Marlboro believed that smoking as a youngster was sending the message “I am no longer my mothers child”, and I think this is very true.

Smoking fact

Tobacco was first introduced to the UK in the sixteenth century. It was mainly smoked in pipes. By 1919 cigarettes first took form and soon they were being manufactured. By 1945 men were smoking the average of 12 manufactured cigarettes a day. Today, there are over 1 Billion smokers in the world, which is about 21% of the population.

Smoking Fact

In the UK we spend 14 Billion pounds on tobacco each year! Approximately 90% being cigarettes.

Smoking Fact

Ok, here’s the bit you wont like but is perhaps the main reason for seeking help. Every year, tobacco usage kills 5.4 million people! Which works out at about 1 person every 6 seconds. In the last century there were over 100 million deaths caused by smoking and if that ratio continued there would be up to 1 Billion deaths in the 21st Century (provided by the world health organisation). Stop smoking the easy way using Hypnosis!

I also believe that during this same period youngsters may also start to become rebellious by nature turning to things that their parents may disapprove of, experimenting with certain things that are categorised as forbidden, with cigarettes being both illegal to sell to the under 18’s and certainly frowned upon by their elders, it can be an obvious choice to the rebellious teen. And as in both cases the initial phases of the experimentation are soon overpowered by the pharmacological factors that the individual links between habit and addiction. I see so many kids smoking in the Warrington area and it deeply saddens me that they really don’t understand what harm it is doing to them.


Quit smoking in Warrington

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Smoking Fact

When tobacco smoke is inhaled, a small amount of poison and toxins is passed into the body. Cigarettes contain arsenic, formaldehyde, lead, hydrogen cyanide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia and 43 known carcinogens.

A thimble full of this poison would be enough to kill a horse!!! It’s a good job that only a small amount is transferred during a single cigarette, but it is easy to see how cigarettes can harm you!!

Smoking Fact

To add flavour to the cigarette, a chemical compund called ‘Urea’ is added. Urea is a major component of ‘Urine!’

It has been researched that an average smoker will lose 14 years of their lives by smoking. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the smoker will die young, it just means that they will die before their time. It doesn’t have to be this way, it doesn’t matter how long you have smoked for, you can stop smoking.

Most smokers continue to smoke, even if their desire to do so has diminished and this is more likely to be linked with the habitual nature of smoking rather than just the addiction alone. For most smokers the ritualistic behaviour associated with their habit is extremely strong, linking a number of sensory characteristics, the image of the packet, the physical contact with the cigarette, the odour of the smoke for example. With this comes the perception by the smoker that they may encounter a number of problems should they quit the habit; what will they do with their hands? Will they turn to food to feed the cravings and ultimately become overweight? Some smokers may fear that they will become irritable and stressed. Smoking is also, ironically, to some smokers, a socialising strategy, helping them take a break from work and joining other colleagues outside to have a chat about things outside of the working environment and this may be difficult to let go for the smoker. All of these concerns for the smoker are very real to them as they all indicate major change in their life and there are those who actually fear change the most. There may be some folk who try to stop smoking repeatedly but always seem to fail. They will blame the return to smoking on something, giving them the excuse to carry on.



Smoking Fact

The nicotine from the smoke reaches our brain approximately within 10 seconds of inhaling! Nicotine can spread to all parts of the body and i certain studies they have found it in breast milk, which means that it can be passed on to a baby. I help many pregnant women to stop smoking!

Within the tobacco, there is SUGAR, if you are diabetic, you may be unaware of this, so it is worth making a note that sugar can be absorbed from smoking.

Lite cigarettes are manufactured in such a fashion that the tobacco is puffed up by pre heating it before it is wrapped within a normal cigarette paper tube. However, smokers then have to draw harder on this cigarette, and so increase the levels of tar and nicotine are consumed.

Smoking Fact

Many smokers report that cigarettes help them feel relaxed, calm, chilled out, alert or even more focused. But the real truth is that this is merely a placebo effect. Smoking tobacco causes non of these things in reality, but the belief exists in the mind of a smoker!

However, there is a lot of help out there for the smoker who wishes to quit. There are patches, gum, oral spray and even electronic cigarettes that emit harmless smoke. However, a lot of people turn to hypnotherapy to help them quit the habit as will power alone is sometimes not enough to get through the first few weeks. Hypnotherapy has been proved to be efficient in helping with smoking addiction so why not give me a call, I am a qualified specialist in this area, and can help you to take back control of your life.

I run a stop smoking specialist website where you can find out much more info here!

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