More Children smoking today!

  I was astonished to learn that around 207,000 children between the ages of 11 and 15 start to smoke every year in the UK. This can be broken down to approximately 567 children a day, who take their first steps to smoking. This leads me to ponder if kids begin to smoke for the same reasons that children smoked 20 years ago. And all the more reason for introducing plain cigarette packaging into the UK. But will this actually deter the youngsters. Will making the packets a little more taboo, increase or decrease the sale of tobacco to youngsters? Well, one would have to ask, is it the...

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Frank Bruno mental illness fight

  Frank Bruno’s fight with mental illness has been a very public battle, much as Paul Gascoine’s battle with alcohol. But anything that raises public awareness of issues such as these are always welcome in my opinion. Frank is often heard stating that his battle with his mental health has been the hardest battle of his life. To help him win this battle he certainly needs more help, and he took steps to raise the awareness by visiting the Houses of Parliament and the health minister Norman Lamb. Mr Lamb had invited Frank along to hear first hand, all about his battle so far....

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