CBT in Warrington

CBT in Warrington

At Evolution, I don’t just stick to hypnosis. I use a variety of interventions to help you achieve permanent change in your life. I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy both within and outside of hypnosis and I find this an extremely efficient form of therapy.

CBT gently challenges the way we think, feel and behave and the belief systems we put in place, whether we are aware of them or not.

I have written a more comprehensive page on CBT which you can find here.

It explains in detail, how CBT could help you with your problems. It explains the format and the key outcomes to hel you take back control of your life. But for now, I’ll just give a very basic abrief example of how CBT can be used to help you with the way you think and feel.

As an example, have you ever said hello to a person you know in the street, but they blank you as they walk past? what do you think when this happens, and how does it make you feel.

Well, perhaps you felt anxiety because you felt they were ignoring you. Why would they ignore you? Maybe you start to think you have done something wrong, something to upset them. Perhaps you think that they dislike you? Then you may feel anger?

But now look at it this way.

We have no way of knowing why the person blanked you. But we can look at the other alternatives rather than the thoughts that leave us feeling negative. For example, that person may have simply not seen you. They may have troubles of their own and been in deep thought, so they were miles away in their mind. What about if that person wears contact lenses and on that day had forgotten to wear them? Has that person ever purposely blanked you before?

When we look at the evidence that supports our negative belief, we can start to see the problem in a more positive way. Think of it like this: Is the problem the person who blanked you, or is it the way you think about the person that’s the problem?

Now, this is very basic I know, but you can see that if the way you feel and think about things is distorted, or we only see one side to the situation, we can very quickly become negative about ourselves or the world around us.

For every thought, there is an equal and opposite thought!

For CBT in Warrington simply call me on 01925 354 820 and we can talk through your issues and find the solution to your troubles.

If you are tired waiting on the NHS to be seen for CBT then why not give me a call and we can get the ball rolling together. The process may not take the time you think. CBT has been scientifically proven to be an effective and efficient process of change.

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