International ME awareness month 2013

May 1st marks the beginning of the international ME awareness month 2013. Head over to the ‘invest in ME’ website to find out what activities are in place over the next four weeks. Helping raise awareness of this debilitating condition and funding further research into the causes and potential treatments. It is a very worthwhile cause. ME is myalgic encephalomyelitis and is also referred to as Chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS. It is a long term condition of tiredness and fatigue that has no medical routes, that is, that there is no other medical condition causing the fatigue or...

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MS week 29/04/2013

The week beginning the 29th April is MS week. MS stands for Multiple Sclerosis and it is the intention of the ‘MS Society’ to really get the public interested and educated about Multiple Sclerosis. Raising awareness of such conditions makes the symptoms easier to understand if you know someone who suffers from the condition. It may also help those who are presenting with the effects of MS to better understand the new research that is going on and to help you cope better with the physical and mental impact of the disease. Multiple Sclerosis is a neurological condition that affects...

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IBS Awareness month

The month of April is IBS awareness month (irritable bowel syndrome) and helps to raise the profile of this, often, debilitating condition. IBS is recognised as affecting between 9% and 23% of the worlds population, and these are only the figures of those who have been diagnosed with the disorder. Many people remain undiagnosed so I am hoping that raising the awareness of Irritable bowel syndrome will help more people to seek help, and although there is no cure for IBS, it can be managed with both medication and through the use of hypnosis. The International Foundation for Functional...

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