IVF Hypnotherapy


IVF Hypnotherapy


IVF Hypnotherapy


Why not try IVF hypnotherapy to help you be more relaxed about the whole process from start to finish.

Trying to conceive can prove to be one of the most stressful situations we can face. We see our friends, or perhaps members of our family, making that choice to have children, becoming pregnant and giving birth, and perhaps more than once, and it all seems so natural and simple. That is, until we decide to take that wonderful journey ourselves and we find that it isn’t quite that simple.

There are many medical reasons why it may be difficult to conceive, In women it could be:


In Men it could be:


But when there are no medical reasons why you are having trouble becoming pregnant, then we need to look at what other reasons may be influencing the process. Even if a medical problem exists, entering into IVF with a positive and calm outlook can make all the difference.

 1 in 6 couples face problems in conceiving. Problems in women account for about 30% of infertility and that figure is the same in men. If the problem exists in both partners then the chances of conceiving are reduced further.

Stress and anxiety are also a contributing factor in fertility so it’s no wonder that in today’s busy and hectic living, more and more people are turning to IVF.

Fertility is a subject close to my heart as my wife and I struggled to conceive for a number of years and eventually after numerous tests, we turned to IVF at the wonderful Liverpool Women’s hospital. We were lucky in some respects because we had realised just how important a positive frame of mind is in the whole process. We used hypnosis to relax and be calm, we focused on the positive and believed that the process would work for us. Even during that painful wait of two weeks after they implant the fertilised eggs, we never lost sight of the positive.

And when the pregnancy test kit displayed a blue line, we were overcome with emotion. Of course, there were times during the early part of the pregnancy that tested our nerve somewhat but we approached every obstacle with a clear mind.

Hypnosis can really help you to focus on the positive, it can help you feel much more calm and relaxed in your daily life. And once those stress levels start to fall, things just start to happen for the better. You breathe a little easier, your mind becomes tranquil and negativity is reversed so that you begin to only look for the positive.

You may have heard stories of couples that could not conceive. For many years they would try unsuccessfully, and eventually even IFV would prove to be ineffective. So the couple would turn to adoption, which is a wonderful thing to do anyway, and care for that child as their own. Once that wole pressure of trying to conceive was taken away, once all the negative thoughts and feelings surrounding a natural pregnancy were removed from their mindset, something magical happened. They became pregnant, naturally and without any effort.

So why did this happen? I firmly believe that we can invite positivity into our lives by changing the way we think and behave. When the stress is removed, when the anxiety is removed, when the regimental and negative feelings of having to try at certain times of the month are removed, things star to change.

The power of the human mind is an amazing thing, so we need to tap into this amazing tool and begin to train our minds into behaving in a much more helpful and beneficial manner.

For us, it ended in giving birth to our little boy, our little miracle (because life is a miracle of nature) and even though the birth ended in an emergency Cesarian, which was somewhat unexpected, we remained calm and positive.

If you are thinking of going for IVF, it is important to be mentally prepared and in the right frame of mind. To be calm, relaxed and positive will really help the process.

So if you are looking for IVF hypnotherapy, or hypnotherapy for fertility, then drop me a line or call 0800 849 94 94.

My consulting room is based in Warrington, Cheshire.

Sessions can be individually or as a couple.

Individual sessions are £60 for 90 minutes and,

Couples sessions are charged at £80 for 90 minutes.

I will also provide a free CD session for you to listen to in your own time.

I look forward to working with you.



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