Things that make depression worse.

Things that can make depression worse?


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You can find so much information out there on how to improve your depressive symptoms, however, why don’t we look at the sorts of things that can actually make the depression worse?


If you live with depression, you need to be aware of potential triggers so that you can learn to avoid the things that worsen the symptoms. These may or may not be known to you.


1. Stressful situations

If we have too much stress we have an increase in the hormone called cortisol, this is the chemical that keeps us on edge and alert. When they peak, we can become worn out and tired in both body and mind. To reduce stress, we can learn to delegate certain duties and chunk down jobs into smaller tasks to make it easier. Try not to take on too much in the way of tasks both at home and work.


2. Sleeping patterns

We know that there is a big link between sleep deprivation and depression. If you suffer from depression you may have very broken sleeping patterns which only lead to exacerbating the symptoms making the daytime and nigh time so much more frustrating. This doesn’t just mean that a lack of sleep makes the depressive symptoms worse, too much sleep also has the same effect, and very often the depressed individual may end up confined to their bed.

You need to keep the sleeping cycle consistent. This means, go to bed at the same time each night, and arise at the same time in the morning, even if you still feel tired. Try not to fall asleep on the couch whilst watching TV, and if you do try to keep the nap as short as possible so it doesn’t interfere with the rest you need throughout the night.


3. Diet      

What we put into our bodies has a big inpact on how we feel! Certain studies have indocated that there are some food types that are linked with depression. One recent study discovered that there is a strong connection between trans unsaturated fatty acids and the risk of depression. Sugar is also and indicator, so avoid foods that are high in sugar, you’ll be surprised at how many food types contain sugar, especially processed foods, such as baked beans. Even carbohydrates can increase our levels of glucose and this can have a profound effect on our emotional state.

You should also look to cut down on foods that make us more irritable, so reduce or cut out all together, drinks like coffee, tea and alcohol. These drinks may also increase our blood sugar levels too.


4. Negative or caustic people

You know the ones I mean! They are the ones who tell you to ‘pull yourself together’ or to ‘get a grip of yourself’. They have no real concept of depression and don’t understand what you are going through. Surround yourself with people who do care and if you have no one, then look into support groups, full of people going through the same things as you. The way through depression is to change the way you think about yourself, others and the world around you. If we share it with people who are wholly negative about your condition then your thinking will no doubt remain negative. When we surround ourselves with caring and supportive people, our moods can lift because we think a little more positively.


5. TV and Newspapers

Yep, that’s right. The media has a lot to answer to. Think about how many good and lovely stories you read about in the newspapers? Not many eh? Most papers are full of angst and woe, which can be very upsetting to read and can lead to a worsening of the depressive symptoms. It’s the same with televised news stories and to a certain extent, some TV dramas too. Try to keep your exposure to such things down to a minimum.


6. Certain Dates

Dwelling on certain negative experiences that happened on a particular date will worsen your feelings of depression. This may be that you experienced some sort of trauma in the past that perhaps created the depression in the first place (but not always so). This may be anything from a separation (divorce) or perhaps bereavement from the death of someone close.

The date may arrive and trigger the memory and this may really impact on your feelings. So, try to prepare yourself for these dates by making a mental note of them in the days leading up to the date so you can better prepare yourself. Perhaps letting others know about the date too so they can be there for you. This will also help distract your thoughts away from the negative event.


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