Leona Lewis seeks hypnotherapy

Singer Leona Lewis has reportedly been using hypnotherapy to help her with performance nerves.


The X-Factor winner and now world wide star has been linked has apparently been using hypnosis to help her deal with her anxiety when she performs in front of large crowds. She hopes that it will calm her nerves and help her to feel more relaxed when she starts a huge world tour.

This has lead her to feel much more confident and relaxed. A source told the Sun newspaper. “She already has bags more poise and confidence than she used to, but she’s a natural born worrier”.

Simon Cowell’s record label ‘SyCo’ wish to mould Leona into a more rounded and polished star, to ensure that her performances are world class. Im my mind she is world class already, and nothing could have been more nerve wracking than trying to win the X-Factor, so she already had the confidence there, sometimes it just needs a boost and hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool to help you regain your confidence and relieve your fears.

At present, Leona Lewis is putting the finishing touches to her new album in Los Angeles and is undergoing intense choreography with her trainer Travis Payne, to prepare for the shows.

A source has said that the world tour will take the theme of the garden of Eden. I wish her all the luck.